Friday, June 24, 2016

Top 5 Japanese Eye Drops

Rohto Lycee  ロート リセ

    When I lived in Japan, my favorite eye drops were Rohto Lycee. The reason why I loved Rohto Lycee was that it reduces eye redness instantly. Moreover, it's pink and has a cute packaging, which are perfect for girls. :) After moving to the U.S., my Taiwanese friend told me how much she loved Rohto Lycee. I was very surprised that she has ever tried it because she has never lived in Japan. She read Japanese fashion magazines in Taiwan and actually really knows many Japanese beauty products, Japanese actors and Japanese cultures, but I didn't expect that she also knew Japanese eye drops! She told me that when she traveled Japan, she bought a lot of Rohto Lycee eye drops at drugstores because it's very affordable and popular in Taiwan, so it's perfect for souvenir from Japan. These years, the number of visitors to Japan has been increasing, and I often heard that Japanese eye drops have been very popular for foreign tourists in Japan. Today, I decided to share top 5 Japanese eye drops which you can purchase at drugstores in Japan. If you are planning on traveling Japan, you should check these out there. :)

1. Rohto VITA 40 α (ロート ビタ40α)
Rohto VITA 40 α

2. Rohto Lycee for Contact Lenses (ロート リセ コンタクト)
Rohto Lycee for Contact Lenses

3. Rohto Lycee (ロート リセ)
Rohto Lycee

4. Rohto Gold 40 (ロート ゴールド40)
Rohto Gold 40

5. Rohto C Cube for Contact Lenses (ロートCキューブ クール)
Rohto C Cube for Contact Lenses

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