Sunday, August 14, 2016

What My Husband Cooked for Dinner - Yakiniku Plate

     My husband cooked this dish for me tonight. It was Japanese yakiniku plate. :)
     This was Japanese yakinku made of very thinly sliced beef and sliced onion. He seasoned it with Japanese yakiniku sauce. It was very delicious! :)

     This was Japanese potato salad, which is my all-time favorite salad he makes. It had fresh minced onion in it.  

     I taught him how to make cucumber pickles I often make. It has mekabu, dried red pepper and kombu cha in it. Kombu cha is kelp tea powder and has umami flavor. You can drink kelp tea made from kombu cha powder and hot water. I sometimes use it for making pickles.  

     He cook better than I do. :)


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