Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ebates Is Now Offering In-Store Cash Back Too!

       When I purchase something online, I always check Ebates.com first. Ebates is a company that gives you cash back if you click through the links of the store which listed on Ebates.com. I highly recommend using Ebates.com to anyone who shops online. It is very simple to earn cash back. I've had great experiences with Ebates for 5 years and earned $494.27 in total so far! :) Ebates is also great site for finding additional discounts. You can check out my previous entry, My Experience with Ebates.com.

This is the video how to earn cash back at Ebates.

       I didn't know that Ebates is now offering in-store cash back too! A number of stores you can get cash back with your in-store purchase from is limited. While there are more than 2,000 online stores with cash back at Ebates, they only offer 26 stores for in-store purchase now. However, it's a very good news for me. When I shop some home decors at World Markets (in-store), I can get extra 4% cash back from Ebates! :)))

       I also signed up Topcashback to get cash back from my online purchases a few months ago. Topcashback is another portal site and works just like Ebates (but not in-store purchase). When I purchase something online, I compare Topcashback to Ebates, and I use whichever higher cashback offers. From my experiences, Topcashback wins most of times, and they usually allow to use purchase with gift cards while Ebates doesn't. My experience with Topcashback is just two months, so I will update my reviews about them a year later. :)

   This is my entry about Ebates.
◆ My Experience with Ebates.com

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