Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dry Up Beautyblender As Quickly As Possible

      My sister in Japan asked me to purchase two pieces of beautyblender. I was looking at Amazon price for several weeks in a row and finally decided to purchase when it became $20.05 including tax. I think it's not too shabby. Because I didn't have an extra one, I also purchased the two-piece package for myself just in case.

     Since she started using the beautyblender a year ago, it has been an essential item for her makeup. She got two sponges a year ago, but one of them started molding last month. :(( Because Japan is pretty humid compared to the U.S., it needs to be used with extra care. I advised her that she should keep it in the driest room in order to dry it up as soon as possible, especially during winter and rainy season.

      I usually wrap it in a towel and squeeze out excess water after washing it thoroughly. Then I place it in my room to air dry. It takes 24 hours to dry up completely.

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