Monday, September 26, 2016

Before and After Kitchen Flooring - Easy and Affordable Peel-And-Stick Vinyl Flooring!

"UPDATE: I've redone this kitchen flooring project with using Gorilla Glue eventually. If you are planning on installing this peel-and stick vinyl flooring, you'd better to check out my newer entry, Redone Peel-And-Stick Vinyl Flooring in Our Kitchen."

     Last Saturday, my husband and I finally installed peel-and-stick vinyl flooring in our narrow kitchen!
Before 1
      Originally, the floor was beige ceramic tiles with dark brown grout. It didn't look too bad after painting cabinets white and installing new t-bar pulls, but I didn't like some of the tiles were cracked and had 80s look. :(
Before 2

    This is the photo of after installing new kitchen flooring. Now, our kitchen has modern look by installing new floor. :)
     We cannot still believe that the floor is vinyl tiles! The texture of the flooring is so gorgeous. The tiles actually have a beautiful natural wood grain texture on them. :) It was very easy to install them. Indeed, we installed peel-and-stick vinyl tiles in only three hours! In addition, the floor in our small kitchen cost less than $40! We bought the vinyl tiles at our local Lowe's.
Style Selections 6-in x 36-in Driftwood/Gray Peel-and-Stick Rustic Residential Vinyl Plank

     Each tile has arrows on the back to teach the direction of the wood grain. It was so helpful. :)  

        First, we moved our old small 18-cu ft refrigerator to our living room because we will buy a new bigger refrigerator next month anyway. It was very easy to move the heavy refrigerator (maybe 200 to 300 lb) with using Cosco hand truck. We didn't move other kitchen appliance such as a gas stove and dish washer.

        Then, we started laying vinyl tiles. We cut them with a utility knife and laid them on original ceramic tiles.

        Three hours later ...

      This month, we bought this kitchen mat, The Chef's Kitchen Resilience Cushion Mat 20"x 39", at Costco. I am glad that it really looks good on this floor. :) By the way, I love this mat because it is very comfortable to stand on and easy to clean.
The Chef's Kitchen Resilience Cushion Mat 20"x 39"

The Chef's Kitchen Resilience Cushion Mat 20"x 39"

     We are really happy with our kitchen got a new look. :) 

      Our next project will be probably making a build-in-trash can, and I cannot wait shopping a new fridge for our kitchen. :)

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  1. This feels very professional. I'm looking to take up a project like this very soon too, for my drawing room.