Monday, November 7, 2016

Built-in Trash Cans - Before and After

      Last month, my husband and I finally installed built-in-trash cans in our kitchen cabinet. This is the photo before renovating our kitchen.

      There was a vintage trash compactor in the left side of this cabinet. We thought we wouldn't use this ugly trash compactor, so we took it out. By the way, this compactor was very heavy, so we used Cosco hand truck to move it.
Trash Compactor
      This is the photo after installing built-in trash cans. :)  It looks so clean and beautiful now. :)

      I'm going to share how to find the parts to make this built-in trash cabinet with you.  

      When we went to Ikea, we found this UTRUSTA Pull-Out Recycling Bin Tray.
IKEA UTRUSTA Pull-Out Recycling Bin Tray

IKEA UTRUSTA Pull-Out Recycling Bin Tray
     They were also selling some different sizes of trash cans. This pull-out recycling bin tray fits some Ikea trash cans. Because we want to take out trash every two days or so in order to keep our kitchen clean, we chose smaller ones.  
VARIERA Recycling Bin
     He installed the tray and two trash cans in hours. :)

     Because the old trash compactor used to be in this cabinet, there was no cabinet door originally, so we needed to find the perfect door for it. As you might know, a custom cabinet door is always very expensive.

      We finally found the perfect cabinet door at Ikea. There are many furniture parts at Ikea AS IS clearance section. We purchased this door for only $5! It included a door pull, which we didn't use eventually. They sell as-is cabinet doors for $1 to 10! When we lived in apartment, this Ikea as-is section was not attractive at all, but now I am glad that Ikea sells many as-is parts there. :)
Ikea AS IS Clearance Section

      We sanded the door and painted it white just we did it before.

      We installed this cabinet door knob which we purchased for about $3 at Home Depot.

    I'm really happy with the result!

      We were going to purchase a new refrigerator last month, but we unexpectedly needed to deal with many things for our home last month (I'll write about it some day.).  I hope we can purchase new refrigerator this month for our kitchen. :) 

       This kitchen has improved a lot since we purchased our home three months ago, but we want to improve it a little more. :)

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