Sunday, February 26, 2017

Shower Tile and Bathtub Paints

        My husband and I have been working on our bathroom renovation this year. This is the picture I took in our guest bathroom yesterday. :) 

      This is the picture I took in the same bathroom on the day we purchased our home last summer. As you can see, it was very outdated.
       We didn't like the old oak vanity, the noisy ventilation fan, the dated lighting fixture and so on (everything), so we painted the vanity cabinet white and installed stainless steel t-bar pulls. He has replaced the ventilation fan, the lighting fixture and the toilet paper holder to new ones so far.  We also didn't like the old pink beige tiles in shower room. In addition, the glass shower doors didn't look very clean. :(  

        That's why he finally removed the shower doors this Tuesday! :)
     We hired professional painters to have the tiles painted and have old bathtubs refinished. I was not sure painting tiles was a good idea because paints won't last forever. Replacing shower tiles and bathtubs sounds extremely difficult for DIY beginners like us, and if we want to have them professionally done, it cost very expensive. Because we've been trying to renovate our dated home on a tight budget, we didn't want to spend a lot of money for the bathroom renovation. Besides, we are not planning on reselling our home for now. When we decide to resell our home, the tiles and bathtubs should be replaced. That's why we ended up getting our shower tiles painted rather than replacing them to new ones.   Painting could be done by ourselves, but if we had painted our shower tiles, I think the paint would have lasted only for a year or so. That's why we finally hired professional painters for our bathrooms. It cost $1,800 for two bathrooms.    

     After four days, our shower rooms turned out white and clean! I am satisfied with the result. I hope the paints last for five years (at least).  Last night, I installed the adjustable tension shower curtain rod.

     Then, hung the shower curtain, Echelon Home Three Line Hotel Collection, and liner, Carnation Home Fashions Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner White. I think our bathroom looks much better now. :)  He installed shower heads and handles. Next our project for our bathrooms is removing other pink beige tiles. We will install new tiles on vanities and floors in our bathrooms. :)

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