Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wet Bar Renovation - Lighting, Installing Cabinets, Painting and Molding

      As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I have been working on our wet bar renovation since April 15. We removed the mirrors which were installed with strong adhesive to the walls. It's been two weeks since then, but we haven't finished our wet bar renovation yet. Today, I'm going to share the progress of our wet bar renovation with you. 

■Install Recessed Lighting
     Originally, our wet bar had one old recessed lighting. We decided to remove the old one and install two new Utilitech Pro 4-inch LED Recessed Lighting Kits, Light Color 3111k Bright White #0632280. Last weekend, my husband installed new ones.

      Since we purchased our dated condominium last summer, he has installed 10 recessed LED downlights so far. He told me that installing recessed lighting is a piece of cake for him now. He installed them up for our wet bar less than one hour.

      Then, he patched the hole which the old lighting used to be located.

■Install Cabinets
     Then, we installed two new cabinets, Project Source Unfinished Door Wall Cabinet, to the wall. First, we attached a straight ledger level on the wall.

      We referred to this Lowe's video, How to Hang Cabinets, for our cabinet installation.

■Match the Texture on the Walls
      This week, he repaired the walls.

      For the ceiling, he used Homax Wall Texture Pro Grade Knockdown to match it to the existing knockdown texture on the ceiling. For the walls, he used Homax Wall Texture Orange Peel for orange peel texture.

     I think it looks good.

■Paint the Walls
        When my husband cut the two holes in the ceiling for recessed light installation, we kept one of them as sample of our wet bar wall, so it helps to find the right paint. When we went to Lowe's last weekend, we brought the sample of the wall and Lowe's staff created a matching paint color for us. :)

     This week, I finally painted the walls.

■Install Under Cabinet Lighting
       My husband also installed under cabinet lighting.  He purchased two Utilitech Pro 18-inch under cabinet LED light bars, Light Color 3129k Bright White.

     He used Gardner Bender 3/8" Cable Clamps to secure the codes to the under cabinet.

■Install Cabinet Molding
      Yesterday, we went to Home Depot to purchase cabinet molding.
     There were so many kinds of molding we could choose from.

      We purchased crown molding, light rail molding and so on. We also purchased a filler to fill the gap between the wall and the cabinet.

     He installed the cabinet filler at left side of the cabinet. There is an electrical code for under cabinet lighting behind the cabinet filler.

     By adding light rail molding, it perfectly hides under cabinet lighting. :) 
Light Rail Molding
      The crown molding looks good. :) He also filled the tiny gap with DAP Crack Shot

     This is our wet bar now. We will sand the cabinet and paint white starting tomorrow. Next weekend, we are going to install subway tiles for the backsplash. :)

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