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Top 3 Best Japanese Double Eyelid Glue/Tape Products

      Believe it or not plastic surgery isn't very common in Japan. It's so controversial because people in Japan believe that your body was given by your parents, so you shouldn't get unnecessary surgeries. That's being said some Japanese women have monolids, and they really want to have double eyelids without getting blepharoplasty, double-eyelid surgery. Indeed, many of my friends who have monolids have used Japanese double eyelid glue/tape every day. Using double eyelid products are much more popular than getting blepharoplasty in Japan. When I visit my friends in Japan, they talk about which double eyelid glue/tape works best. By the way, double eyelid products are called eye puchi (アイプチ) in Japanese. I have never used those products because I have double eyelids, but I think Japanese double eyelid products work pretty well since I always forget my friends have monolids originally. Their double eyelids look perfectly natural to me. I think this is another reason why plastic surgery isn't very common in Japan because you can get double eyelids without surgery. Indeed, none of my friends have ever had a plastic surgery. There are so many double eyelid products you can find in Japan. Today, I'm going to share top 3 most popular double eyelid glue/tape products in Japan with you. :)

No.1 Royal Petit Eyem Double Eyelid liquid

Royal Petit Eyem
      Royal Petit Eyem has so many positive reviews on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic reviews site. Even though it's pretty expensive (about 2800yen), many people say it's the best double eyelid product they have ever used and purchase it again and again. This waterproof double eyelid liquid keeps your double eyelids all day long.

How to Use Royal Petit Eyem

    1. Apply the liquid on your eyelids. (Some people reapply two to three coats to get better result.)

    2. Wait for dry completely. You can use hair dryer (cool) to dry it faster.

    3. After it dries translucent, you can use a Q-tip to remove shininess.

     4. Open your eyes, and you can enjoy your double eyelids all day long.

      Some Japanese people have posted tutorial videos for Royal Eyem Double Eyelid Liquid.

No.2 DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape
DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape

     DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape is also popular in Japan. You might need to practice a few times, but once you get used to it, you can create perfect double eyelids every day. It is also well known outside Japan now. I think it's because Michelle Phan has used this product in her video. As she says in this video, this tape should be used before makeup.

     This is DUP Official video, how to use DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape.

No.3 Mejikaliner Night & Hard
Mejikaliner Night & Hard
    Mejikaraliner Night & Hard is double eyelid glue. You can apply it before sleeping. (Some people also use it before makeup next morning.)
Mejikaraliner Night & Hard

       People reviews that they don't need double eyelid products eventually after they use it every day for a long time. This product is not for creating permanent double eyelids, but as you use it after removing makeup every night, it literally keeps your double eyelids for almost 24/7. Eventually, your eyelids remember where they should be without it. :)  However, if you have very sensitive skin, you might want to skip this product. It's pretty strong. 
Mejikaraliner Night & Hard

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