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What I Got at Muji Store in Japan - Muji Haul

     Because I love Muji products so much, Muji store is one of the must go to places in Japan for me. However, I was very busy to do many things with my family this month. Two days before leaving from Japan, I was finally able to go to Muji store with my mother. :) I'm going to share what I got at Muji store with you.

     I purchased this four-package mini ramen with soy sauce flavor, which was 120 yen. This was one of my favorite Muji snacks. :)
Mini Ramen Soy Sauce 120 yen

     I got this White Chocolate Strawberry, which was 294 yen. There were 7 pieces in my package. I have never tried it before, but this was labeled as one of their hot-selling products, so I became interested in it. This was white chocolate covered dried strawberry. I just tried it now, and was surprised that it was so good! White chocolate was sweet, and the dried strawberry was crisp and sour. The combination of the taste of chocolate and strawberry was just perfect! I just read reviews on this product, and many people leave many positive reviews on it. Some people always buy some packages to keep them in stock at home.
White Chocolate Strawberry 294 yen

      I bought two kinds of Baumkuchen. These were 158 yen each. Baumkuchen Cafe Au Lait had coffee taste and smelled coffee. Because I am coffee lover, I loved it. :) Baumkuchen Sweet Potato tasted just like sweet potato cake, which is famous Japanese cake which is made of mashed sweet potato, milk, butter, sugar, and egg. Because Sweet potato cake is one of my favorite sweets in Japan, I loved this Muji cake too. :)
Baumkuchen Cafe Au Lait & Baumkuchen Sweet Potato 158 yen each

     However, this cake had 500kilocalories. I should share it with my husband!
Baumkuchen Sweet Potato 158 yen

     When I go to Muji store in Japan, I always buy Muji toner.
Muji Toning Water

     I use Muji Light Toning Water daily. I apply it on my face right after washing my face and before apply Clinique lotion. It keeps moisturizing my face well all day long in this step. This toner was 980 yen for a 400ml bottle.
Muji Light Toning Water 400ml / 980 yen

      I found this toner with lavender aroma which was 1000yen for a 200ml bottle. I used its sample at Muji store and loved its aroma. I love lavender aroma so much because it makes me relax and happy, so I decided to purchase it.

Muji Light Toning Water Lavender 200ml / 1000 yen

     I also bought two bottles of  konuaku drink for my mother and me. Before drinking it, you need to shake it several times because its texture is like jelly.
Mikan & Konuaku Drink 137yen

     I uploaded my Youtube video which I recorded that day.

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