Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Got a 300yen Shop in Japan - 3COINS Haul

     While I was in Japan this month, I went to the 3COINS, which is a Japanese 300yen shop. It's because it was located in just front of Muji store, which I always go to when I go to Japan. As you may know that all products are 300yen each at 3COINS, and the quality of their products are much better than 100yen shop. I'm going to share what I got at the 3COINS with you.

     At the store, many colorful plate wares caught my eye. Those were so adorable!

     I decided to purchase these bowls for my husband and myself. These are perfect size to serve many kinds of Japanese foods, such as ramen and seafood bowl.

      These were obviously pretty heavy and fragile because of pottery. These needed special care to bring to the U.S., but it was worth it. I love new our adorable bowls. :)

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