Friday, April 11, 2014

Restaurant Hanajizou - Chikugo City Fukuoka, Japan

     Yesterday, my mother-in-law treated me to lunch at Hanajizou in Chikugo city Fukuoka, Japan. When I go back to Japan, she always finds the best restaurant for our meeting near my home town. :) It was my first time to go to this restaurant. It was fancy restaurant with a very nostalgic feel.

     We were shown into the parlor, and waitresses started serving so many beautiful dishes on the table.

     They lit candles underneath the pots, and the kamameshi and nabe were being made on the table.

     Each dish looked like art and was pleasing to the eye.

     Their sashimi, which was my favorite, was really fresh! :)

     After lunch, we chose kinako bavarois and coffee. Kinako is ground soybean and is usually used for many Japanese sweets. This was not too sweet, and I was able to notice kinako taste, which I loved. :)

     This restaurant is uniquely decorated like tales of old Japan.

     This is the jizou, which is the stone statue.

     I uploaded my Youtube video of this restaurant.

〒833-0031 福岡県筑後市山ノ井16−4

16-4 Yamanoi Chikugo Fukuoka, Japan 833-0031

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