Saturday, April 12, 2014

COSTCO in Japan

     Today, my sister, my mother and I went to Costco in Japan. I often go to Costco in the U.S., but when I go to Japan, I always go to their branch in Japan too because Japanese Costco branches have many unique products which I have never seen in U.S. :)

     I had already decided to purchase their sushi today. Their sushi looked very fresh, and I always wanted to try them! A 20-piece of sushi package, which was five pieces each of tuna, salmon, clam, and squid, was 1180yen, which is equivalent to about $12. It was really fresh with pretty big sashimi. I was really satisfied with their sushi and will definitely purchase them next time! When it comes to sushi, I am pretty picky but it was super good! :)))

     After I purchased some Japanese products there, we headed toward their food court.

     Some menus are only available at Costco in Japan. I loved their soft serve which was rich in milk and cream taste!

     I uploaded my Youtube video of today's shopping. :)

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