Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cherry Blossoms Were Gone Mostly

     It rained and was pretty cold in Japan yesterday. However, today was beautiful sunny day, so it was perfect day to take Chappy for a walk.

     A few days ago, cherry blossoms were in full bloom but were gone today mostly. Most petals have fallen to the ground.

      I was able to see that only this kind of cherry blossoms was still full in bloom.

     I told my brother that I wanted to see fertile stems but had expected that they had been gone already. Then, he took me this place where many fertile steams stood. It had been more than six years since I had seen fertile stems last time. Those wild fertile stems appear on this place every spring.
fertile stems

fertile stems

     Unlike Southern California, where I live, there are numerous kinds of wild plants you can see seasonally in Japan. Because it often rains in Japan, those wild plants grow by natural bounty. This beautiful green landscape nature used to be nothing special to me while I was living here. However, I see it differently after moving to the U.S. It is special and so beautiful in my eyes now.

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