Sunday, April 13, 2014

Glico Flan App - The Most Exciting App Ever

     A few days ago, I found Glico Flan at supermarket in Japan. I had known that Glico app is very fun already. Besides all that Glico flan is one of my favorite Japanese sweets, so I couldn't resist buying it.
Glico Flan

     After going back to my parents' home, I downloaded Glico app onto my iPhone according to the instruction on the package.

     It was very exciting! I took photos of myself, my sister, and my parents, and we laughed in earnest! My sister showed this app at her children, and they really loved it and played with it again and again. Now, it is their most favorite app. While I had known about this app before going to Japan, my sister, who lives in Japan, didn't know about it. Somehow, I know about Japan partly more than my sister does. :)

     I finally uploaded my Youtube video of this app to share it with you. :)

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