Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Must Go to Place in Japan - Muji part 3

When I was in Japan, I sometimes bought dishes at Muji. Their dishes are very simple and stylish design, so that the dishes fit any meal. Moreover, their products are quite reasonable. :)

Wooden Plate 1500yen / Mug 550 yen / Fork 300yen

Wooden Plate 1200yen / Fork 480yen / Mug 500yen

Bowl 450yen / Square Dish 350yen / Small Dish 280yen / Teapot 1200yen / Chopsticks 300yen

Square Dish 1200yen / Rectangle Dish 750yen / Cruet 800yen

Rectangle Dish 1200yen / Wooden Bowl 600yen

Earthen Pot 3500yen / Ladle 1500yen /

I first went to Muji when I was in elementary school. I sometimes went to Muji which was located in pretty big city with my sister or my friends by a public bus. (Unlike children in the U.S., Japanese children may go out freely without adult. However, I asked my parents for the permission when I was planing on going far away from my home.) I think I usually bought some stationary at that time. Their stationary was also very simple and stylish, and it was not affordable to get any other store in my town. That's why their products were special for me when I was a little. Haha

Mechanical Pencil 84yen

Eraser 79yen

Note B5 size 200yen for 5

Muji stores are located everywhere in Japan. You can easily find a branch in Narita Airport. However, if you prefer a bigger store, which have more appealing products, you can go to this store.

 Infos Yurakucho, 3-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan

Household Goods




I am not a person who is related to Muji company. Haha... I have just loved Muji products since when I was child. :)

     This is my entries related to Muji.

This is Muji location in Japan

I'm going to write about my other favorite stores in Japan next time. :)

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 Today's Vocabulary
・ fit : verb / 合う、適合する、フィットする、〔物事が~に〕調和する、一致する
  ex) That's the shoe that fits me. : それは私にぴったりだ。
・ ask someone for permission to : (人)に~していいか尋ねる[する許可を求める]
・ branch : noun / 支店
・ appealing : adjective / 人の心を動かす(ような)、魅力的な、おいしそうな、訴求力がある、目立つ、華々しい


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