Monday, October 1, 2012

Must Go to Place in Japan - Muji part 1

I sometimes read an article on someone's blog and watch Youtube videos which are about traveling to Japan. While doing so, I often think you should go there, there and there! So, I'm going to introduce must go places in Japan little by little.

When I visit Japan next time, I will go Mujirushi-ryouhinn, which is also called MUJI. MUJI is Japanese retail company which sells many diverse foods, households, stationary, clothing, kitchen appliance, furniture, and so on with reasonable price. The design of all products of Muji is very simple and stylish.
I think you can find Muji stores everywhere. There is also Muji store in Narita airport.

The food such as snacks and sweets are packed in small amounts. Some of them are new taste for you, but you can try them as many as you want because they are usually $1 to $3 for each. Don't you think they are very inexpensive? I think they are perfect as souvenirs of Japan.
Here is my recommendation of their foods.

Taiyaki is Japanese traditional pancake which looks like fish. Inside of Taiyaki is red beans.
Taiyaki 126yen for 3

Dorayaki is also traditional Japanese pancake. Red beans are inside two flat pancake.
Mini-dorayaki  189yen

Black tea cookies 100yen for 70g

This is my favorite rice cookies. The Ume rice cookies taste a little sour and salty. 
Ume rice cookies 105yen for 60g

Do you know instant ramen was invented from Japan? I always think the taste of instant ramen in the U.S. is different from Japan. You can eat them as instant ramen or snacks without hot water.
Mini ramen 105yen for 4

I want to introduce more Muji products. I'm going to write next time.

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