Thursday, April 10, 2014

Roadside Station Koibotaru - Funagoya Fukuoka, Japan

     Today, I met my mother-in-law for the first time in six months. She treated me at the fancy restaurant and took me to the roadside station Koibotaru (道の駅恋ぼたる). Because I was living in Osaka and Nara for 11 years soon after graduating from high school, I don't really know about Fukuoka, which is my hometown. I didn't know this place before. This roadside station is located just next to the hot spring and very huge park where many elderly people play gate ball and children play around. In despite of weekday, there were a number of people around those places. She was surprised that I was really impressed by this place and told me that there were many beautiful places in Fukuoka I've never seen.

     I was amazed at how beautiful these flowers are. There were numerous beautiful tulips, which were full in bloom.

      After walking around the park, I bought some snacks and foods for my husband at the roadside station Koibotaru. It's spring, so I was able to buy some snacks made of cherry blossoms, which are called sakura in Japanese.

     These are perfect with rice and my favorite. :) This is yamakurage, which is made of stem lettuce. :)

       This is clam boiled in soy sauce.

     These are takana pickles, which are one of famous foods in Fukuoka.

       After that, we went to my parents-in-law's house and talked a lot. They always treated me as if I were their own daughter, and I always relax being with them.


     Roadside Station Koibotaru
     310 Oshima Chikugo Fukuoka, Japan

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