Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What I Got at a 100yen Shop in Japan - Daiso Haul

     While I was in Japan this month, I purchased some products at Daiso. If truth be told, I went there several times with my mother for 4 weeks of my staying in Japan. :) I'm going to share what I got there with you.

     1. Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge
     When I go to Japan, I buy this cleanser for my makeup brushes because it really works well! There are many positive reviews on this product on Japanese cosmetic review site. In addition, it also has some positive reviews on Amazon USA! I didn't know that the package has changed recently. If you go to Daiso in Japan, you should buy it. The cleansers are only available at Daiso in Japan as far as I know.

Detergent for Puff and Sponge

     2. Foaming Net
     This foaming net is also must buy item for me. Since I was in high school, I have been using it everyday to wash my face.
Foaming Net

     3. Crystal Ponytail Holder
     I got my hair cut short in Japan and really like my new hair style. I will use this accessory when I have bad hair days. With this hair accessory, I hope I can turn bad hair days into stylish days easily. :)

Crystal Ponytail Holder

     4. Small Hanger
     I bought this drying hanger to dry up my thin makeup brushes. I have been using my old hanger for five years, so it's about time to change it.

Daiso Drying Hanger

     5. Plastic Zipper Bags
     I couldn't resist buying it. The reason why I bought it was that it's just because panda print was so cute. :) The 20 plastic bags for 100yen was pretty good deal, wasn't it?
Plastic Zipper Bag

Plastic Zipper Bag

     6. Straw Cleaning Brush
     Last month, I bought the Starbucks Tumbler, which has reusable plastic straw. Prior to use the reusable straw, I needed to get brushes for it.
Straw Cleaning Brush

Straw Cleaning Brush

     7. Sesame Seed Grinder
     This can be a container for sesame seed, and is also used to make ground sesame seed.
Sesame Seed Grinder

     8. Cooking String
     I will use it for making a roast turkey this year. :)

Cooking String

      9. Japanese Radish Grater
     I have been using my radish grater for 5 years and wanted to get new one.
Japanese Radish Grater

     10. Five-function Slicer
     I will use it to make very thin shredded cabbage. While I was in Japan, I made shredded cabbage with my parents' one and decided to purchase mine. I was able to make very thin shredded cabbage, and it turned out good salad. It can be used as peeler, grater, slicer, spice grater, cutter.
Five-function Slicer

     11. Insulated Bag
     I wanted an insulated bag for making new video, which will be shown how to keep bananas fresh longer. I think it will work. There were some different size of bags, and I think this will be perfect size for bananas. This contained three insulated bags.
Insulated Bag

Insulated Bag

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