Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Clinica Advantage Toothbrush from Lion - The Smallest Head Ever

      Today, I went to a drugstore in Japan. It's because one of my customer told me about Clinica Advantage Toothbrushes from Lion, which is one of famous oral product companies in Japan. He said that the toothbrush has the smallest head ever. I really wanted to check out their toothbrushes while in Japan. Unlike U.S., Japanese oral companies make toothbrush with more and more compact heads. As I mentioned in my previous entry, most toothbrushes in Japan have compact heads, which you have probably never seen in the U.S. before. I used to use a compact head toothbrush when I was living in Japan six years ago. However, today I was surprised the fact that Clinica Advantage Toothbrush heads were much smaller than I expected!
Clinica Advantage Toothbrushes from Lion

Clinica Advantage Toothbrush from Lion

       I usually love Japanese products, but I wasn't really impressed by the toothbrush. I would buy one today but was not happy that the head was extraordinary small, and it seemed like that it takes forever to finish up brushing teeth with such a tiny head. Small head toothbrushes were not only made by Lion, but most Japanese oral companies also make such a compact one. However, if you are looking for compact head toothbrushes, Japanese toothbrushes are perfect for you. Those have very compact heads in order to brush your whole mouth perfectly with the best performance.

     Even though I like U.S. giant head toothbrushes, I think most Japanese people prefer compact toothbrushes. I heard that some Japanese people who live in the U.S. always buy Japanese toothbrushes when they visit Japan because it's really hard to find such a compact head in the U.S.

     Today, I uploaded my Youtube videos to share Japanese compact head toothbrushes with you.

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