Monday, April 28, 2014

Sukiya - Beef Bowl Restaurant in Japan

      The day before I left from Japan, my mother and I went to outpatient hospital for applying her wheel chair subsidy. It's difficult for her to walk for a long distance because of rheumatoid arthritis. After that we went Sukiya, which is a beef bowl restaurant in Japan, for our lunch. Beef bowl is called gyudon in Japanese.

     In Japan, there are three major Japanese beef bowl chain restaurants, which are Sukiya, Yoshinoya, and Matsuya. They have been engaged in a price war for many years. At the Sukiya, the middle size of the beef bowl was only 250 yen! I also ordered pork miso soup and a raw egg for 200yen. This soup was served with a huge soup bowl and tasted good! Even though I consider myself a big eater, these were pretty big for me.

Beef Bowl with Pork Miso Soup & a Raw Egg for 450yen

     My mother ordered the beef bowl with grated radish for 370yen. In addition, she ordered the healthy set, which included cold tofu, simmered seaweed, and miso soup with pork and vegetable for 250yen.
Beef Bowl with Healthy Set for 620yen

     Beef bowl was one I wanted to eat in Japan, so I was very pleased that I was able to go there with my mother. You may think that there are many beef bowl restaurants in the U.S. too, such as Yoshinoya. However, they don't serve a raw egg in the U.S. obviously, and beef bowl in Japan tastes better for me. Specifically, I like Sukiya, which has a lot of menus, and they never disappoint me.

I uploaded my Youtube video which I recorded that day.


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