Friday, April 4, 2014

My Asics Shoes

     Yesterday, while my mother was cleaning the home entrance, she noticed my shoes and was surprised how light my shoes were. I brought these Asics running shoes, which I bought at Costco three months ago, from the U.S. It's because I thought that I would need them when taking Chappy for a walk everyday in Japan. She requested to me to buy shoes like these for her next time. Then, she tried my shoes on and told me to leave them when I leave here because the size was perfect for her feet. I didn't expect that. I know she is always looking for comfortable shoes because she is crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. However, I bought them after looking so many shoes for so long. I'm not ready to give them away... I understand these shoes are surprisingly very light weight and will be very handy for her, but Asics is Japanese shoe company, so she might be able to find similar shoes in Japan. I'll find light weight shoes for her in Japan.
Asics Gel Cushioning System Running Shoes

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