Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Japanese Spring Flowers

     My brother and I took Chappy for a walk in order to see cherry blossoms. As soon as I got out from my parents home, I noticed the spring smell. It may sounds funny, but I remembered how much I liked spring while I used to live in Japan. Many wild plants start beautifully blooming after winter. The smell of flowers was full in air, and it made me very happy today. I have never experienced such a smell and feeling in the Southern California, and it had been six years since I experienced spring in Japan. I am glad that I decided to visit Japan during this season.  :)

     I am very familiar with those wild plants, which you haven't seen in California. I used to see them in Japan when I was child.

     I was amazed that cherry blossoms were in Full Bloom. I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery with cherry blossoms.

     We walked the road whose surface was covered with petals of cherry blossom. It looked as if it were pink carpets made with cherry blossom.

     It was wonderful time to take Chappy for walk with seeing beautiful spring flowers.

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