Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tenpudo - Ramen Restaurant in Chikugo City Fukuoka Japan

     My sister's family took me to this ramen restaurant, Tenpudo, the other night.
     My home town is famous for tonkotsu ramen, which is noodle with a pork bone broth. That's why there are a lot of ramen restaurants around here. In addition, my brother-in-law really likes tonkotsu ramen and has tried so many restaurants so far. When I go back to my hometown, he always takes me to one of his favorite ramen restaurants for me.

     I uploaded my Youtube video, which I recorded that day.

     I chose this Kokuari Tonkotsu Ramen with firm noodle, which was 530yen. It was pretty greasy but was good. :)

     My sister and her husband ordered kaedama, which is an extra noodle without changing soup and bowl after finishing first ramen. Kaedama was around 130 yen, so it's very reasonable.

      I grew up in my home town until 18, and I was not interested in ramen at that time somehow. When I was 23, my sister got married, and I began to try many ramen restaurants with her family in my home town. Soon after that, I found a liking for tonkotsu ramen. When it comes to tonkotsu ramen, I'm pretty picky about it now. :)

〒833-0031 福岡県筑後市山ノ井362

362 Yamanoi Chikugo Fukuoka, Japan 833-0031

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