Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Must Go to Place in Japan - Muji part 2

I wrote about foods of Muji yesterday, but I didn't mention about their drinks. When I was in Japan, I sometimes bought this Grapefruit and Konnyaku Drink.
Grapefruit & Konnyaku Drink 137yen for 280g
This is not an usual grapefruit juice. Before drinking, you should shake it few times. It's because the texture of this drink is similar to jelly. This is made of grapefruit and konnyaku, which is non-calorie Japanese vegetable. You might have seen Konnyaku which is called yam cake at Japanese supermarket in the U.S. before. Oh, but you can not make this drink from yam cakes. I just want you to make sure that yam cake is usually used for stewed food.
Konnyaku / Yam Cake

Muji sells many kinds of foods, and I can not introduce all my favorites. You should go to Muji and find your favorite. :) It should be fun!

Next, I want to introduce Muji skin care products. In my experience and many Japanese girl's reviews, their skin care products are pretty good.

I have bought these products before.

Japanese women like this type of water based lotion. It is similar to toner in the U.S. Unlike one in the U.S., you don't have to wipe with cotton. Just put it on your face, and it will moisturize your skin. However, if you want to use it as a toner, of course you can.

Light Toning Water 200ml 580yen

I have used this makeup remover before, and it worked pretty well. Just put it on your makeup, and massage your face with circular motion. Then rinse it thoroughly. It removes all makeup well without cottons.

Cleansing Oil 200ml 730

As I mentioned previous entry (here), I recommend this foaming net. It is very easy to create lather with only a tiny bit of soap. You must have it! :)
Foaming Net 158yen

Next time I go to Japan, I'd like to buy this soap dish. I have never used it before, but I have found it has many positive reviews. It prevents the soap from melting, and your soap lasts longer. They also sell the replacement scrub for this product.
Soap Dish 263yen / replaced one is 210yen

I'd like to go to Muji and check other products! They sell many makeups as well as skin care products. If you are girl, you should check Muji. :)

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