Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kaisenroad, Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant in Kurume City Fukuoka Japan

     Today, my mother, my sister, my 1-year-old nephew and I went to eat kaitenzushi, which is a revolving sushi. It's because I love sushi so much and have never found any good revolving sushi restaurant in the U.S., so I wanted to eat kaitenzushi in Japan. I asked my sister if we could go to a kaitenzushi restaurant. We decided to go this restaurant, Kaisenroad, which is located in Kurume city, Fukuoka.
海鮮ろうど / Kaisenroad
      In addition to kaitenzushi, they serve set meals with very reasonable price.

     As soon as the waitress seated us to this table, I made green tea.

     We could also order from the menu and most kinds of sushi were 100 yen per plate, which is equivalent to $1.

     We ate about 20 plates. My 1-year-old nephew was eating french fries and steamed egg hotchpotch.

     All plates we ate were pretty good, especially I really liked tuna. :)

     My mother ordered this clam miso soup, which was also 100yen.

     I uploaded my Youtube video, which I recorded today.

     I have eaten sushi many times in Japan this month. When I see sushi at supermarket, I always feel like I need to buy sushi! Haha. The best sushi for me was the 20-piece sushi set at Costco so far.

〒830-0057 福岡県久留米市藤光1丁目6−1

1-6-1 Fujimitsu-machi Kurume, Fukuoka Japan 830-0057

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