Sunday, October 16, 2016

Japanese Breakfast - What My Husband Cooked

    This morning, my husband also made Japanese breakfast again because he liked yesterday's breakfast so much. I always like his cooking. :)   Nutritious miso soup and steamed white rice are essential for traditional Japanese breakfast (和朝食). Even though we are Japanese, we don't usually have traditional Japanese breakfast. When I was child, my mother and grandmother cooked miso soup every morning. I remembered that I was waken up by smell of miso soup from the kitchen every morning. Anyway, I'm going to share today's our breakfast with you.

      This healthy miso soup contained soft tofu, wakame, shijimi, fu and mekabu.
Tofu Miso Soup

     Yesterday, he bought mentaiko (明太子), marinated cod roes, at Japanese supermarket on his way back to home. My home town is Fukuoka, which is famous for mentaiko in Japan. I'm glad we had mentaiko this morning. :) 
Mentaiko over Steamed White Rice

    He also bought fresh yellow tails at Japanese supermarket and cooked grilled fish. :) He also heated dried firefly squids which he purchased at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo last week.

       I made this garlic soy sauce two weeks ago. This soy sauce was so good and has rich in garlic tastes now. I added it over grilled fish and an egg over easy. I will share how to make garlic soy sauce with you next time. :)
Garlic Soy Sauce

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