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Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen, Japanese Chicken Salt Ramen - Review

       Last night, my husband cooked this Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen (マルタイ 宮崎 鶏塩ラーメン). Tori (鶏) means chicken, and shio means salt in Japanese. When we traveled in Hokkaido, Japan, we had Hokkaido shio ramen, but this was our first time to try Miyazaki shio ramen. :)
Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen

      Miyazaki (宮崎) is a prefecture located on the eastern coast of the island of Kyushu (九州). Miyazaki is famous for Miyazaki jidori (宮崎地鶏), local chicken in Miyazaki.
Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen

         He topped the ramen with chopped green onions, a boiled egg, nori and boiled cabbages. I really loved the soup, which was clear and had chicken umami tastes. Because of chicken, Miyazaki torishio ramen tasted very different from Hokkaido shio ramen. Unlike tonkotsu ramen, this ramen was not greasy at all, so it tasted like healthy noodles. :)
Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen

      Over all, I really enjoyed Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen. :) However, my most favorite Marutai ramen so far is Nagasaki Agodashi Ramen.
Marutai Miyazaki Torishio Ramen

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Marutai Kyusyu Ramen

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