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Top 5 Most Popular Nail Clippers in Japan

      I've often heard that Japanese nail clippers are very popular for foreign tourists visiting Japan. Indeed, Japan has one of the world’s foremost blade-producing cities. Top 3 blade producing cities in the world are Seki (Japan), Sheffield (England), and Solingen (Germany).  Seki city is located in Gifu prefecture, Japan, and has a history of over 800 years as the home of high quality blades. The city has about 450 companies related to blade manufacture.
     If you are going to visit Japan, I recommend you to get Japanese nail clippers there because they are really well made and last so long. (You can probably use Japanese ones for over 20 years.) While they are high quality, the prices are pretty reasonable. :) You can find Japanese nail clippers everywhere in Japan such as drugstores, supermarkets, discount stores and so on.  Today, I'm going to share with you top five most popular nail clippers in Japan. I am pretty surprised that all five highly rated nail clippers I listed below are made in Seki city!

1. Kai 005 Nail Clippers (貝印 爪切り Type 005)
1080 yen
Kai 005 Nail Clippers
     Kai (貝印) is a Japanese company that makes blade, knives, scissors and nail clippers. In 1908, Kai was established in Seki city.  They makes many nail clipper products, and this one, Kai 005, is the most popular nail clippers on Amazon Japan. I just checked my nail clippers and found that mines are also from Kai. :)

2. Green Bell Takuminowaza S size G-1200 High Quality Nail Clippers (グリーンベル 匠の技 高級爪切り Sサイズ G-1200)
1188 yen
Green Bell Takuminowaza S size G-1200 Nail Clippers

     Green Bell is also a Japanese company that makes blade, knives, scissors and nail clippers. Green Bell makes those in Seki city as well. Green Bell Takuminowaza G-1200 ranked the number two as the most popular nail clippers on Amazon Japan.  

3. Feather Nail Clippers M (フェザー ツメキリM) 
540 yen
Feather Nail Clippers M
     Feather Safety Razor Company was established in Seki city in 1932. They makes blades, scissors and nail clippers. These Nail Clippers are one of the most popular products in Japan and the longest selling products of Feather.

4. Green Bell Seki Edge Toenail Clippers L SS-102 (グリーンベル セキエッジ 爪切りL SS-102)
Green Bell Seki Edge Toenail Clippers L SS-102
     Seki Edge Nail Clipper Series are pretty well known nail clippers outside Japan. Indeed, their nail clippers are highly rated on Amazon US. Seki Edge Nail Clippers are ones of products of Green Bell.

5. Muji Stainless Nail Clippers S (無印良品 スチール爪切り 小)
473 yen
Muji Stainless Nail Clippers S
     As I often mentioned in my previous entries, I really love Muji products. Muji is a Japanese retail company which sells many diverse foods, households, stationary, clothing, kitchen appliance, furniture, and so on. Muji also sells their popular nail clippers which are made in Seki city.

     By the way, this interesting YouTube video, Imagine The Life Without Blades, is the official promotional video of Seki city.

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