Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Japanese Instant Noodle - Haul

     Because my husband and I love Japanese instant noodle, I bought some at Japanese supermarket while staying in Japan two months ago. As I mentioned in my previous entry, the tastes of instant noodle in Japan is very different from one in the U.S. where I live now. That's why I always buy some when I have a chance to visit Japan. :) I'm going to share what instant noodle I bought in Japan with you.

     In 2012, I met some of my friends in Japan for the first time in three years. One of my friend told me that Maru-Chan Seimen (マルちゃん正麺), instant ramen, was very popular in Japan, and those were often sold out. Maru-Chan Seimen is dried instant noodle, but it tastes like raw noodle surprisingly. That's why I thought I should try it, and I bought one at that time. My husband ate it in the U.S., and he told me that it tasted very good as my friend said so. Oh, I didn't eat at all because he loved it so much.
     Two months ago, he asked me to buy more of Maru-Chan Seimen while I was in Japan. When I went to a supermarket, these were on sale for 280yen each package. I was lucky! :)  Each package contains five servings of noodle.

Maru-Chan Seimen - Shio (Salt) Flavor, Shio Ramen

Maru-Chan Seimen - Miso (Bean Paste) Flavor, Miso Ramen

      Tonight, my husband and I tried this Maru-Chan Seimen with curry flavor. The soup was nice and thick, and it tasted as good as I expected. :) My husband and I like instant curry udon, so I was glad that I purchased two packages in Japan. :)

Maru-Chan Seimen - Curry Flavor, Curry Udon

Maru-Chan Seimen (マルちゃん正麺) Official Website

      This is Nissin Raoh (日清 ラ王), which has also raw noodle taste. Nissin Rao was one of my favorite Japanese instant noodle for decades, but I have never tried it yet since Nissin remodeled Rao in 2010. 
Nissin Raoh - Miso Flavor, Miso Ramen

Nissin Rao (日清 ラ王) Official Website

     If you are planing on visiting Japan, you should try Japanese instant noodle. According to Wikipedia, "Japan is the country of origin of instant noodles. Instant noodles remain a "national" light food. The average Japanese person eats 40 packs of instant noodles per year." At supermarkets in Japan, there are numerous kinds of Japanese instant noodle you have never seen before.

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