Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Japanese Breads Haul - Convenience Stores in Japan

      My husband was on business trip in Japan last week. Before he left from Japan, he purchased some breads for me at convenience stores, Lawson and Family Mart. As you might know convenience stores are everywhere in Japan especially in big cities like Tokyo. As I mentioned in my previous entry, My Top 15 Must Eat Foods in Japan, I love Japanese commercial breads so much. I don't know why, but to me, Japanese breads taste better than ones US supermarkets sell. I was glad that he purchased many delicious Japanese breads for me. :)) Today, I'm going to share what he got there with you.

1. Lawson Mochi Choco Corne (LAWSON モッチ チョココルネ) 
130 yen at Lawson
      Choco Corne is a Japanese spiral bread with chocolate cream in it. This bread had whipped chocolate cream.

 2. Yamazaki Hokkaido Steamed Cheesecake (ヤマザキ 北海道チーズ蒸しケーキ)
119 yen at Lawson
     It is named "cheesecake", but it's fluffy cheese bread. I know he loves it so much. ;)

3. Lawson Spicy Curry Bread (LAWSON スパイス香る カレーパン)
150 yen at Lawson
        Japanese curry bread is deep-fried bread with curry pastes in it. The bread is coated with panko before being deep-fried. I think everyone loves Japanese curry breads!

4. Tearable Bread with Sugar Margarine (ちぎれる シュガーマーガリンのパン)
108 yen at Family Mart
      Today, I had this bread. It was so fluffy, and I loved it.

5. Lawson Select Butter Enriched Roll with Margarine (ローソンセレクト マーガリン入りバターロール)
100 yen at Lawson
       I love Japanese butter rolls. You can also find butter rolls with dried raisins and margarine at most supermarkets in Japan.

6. Pasco Chojuku 6 Sliced Breads (超熟 6枚切り)
158 yen at Family Mart  
     Chojyuku is the one I used to eat almost every morning when I lived in Japan, and it is one of my favorite Japanese sliced breads. It has 6 slices. Chojuku also has 4, 5, 8, and 10 slice ones. As you can see the photo below, Japanese sliced breads are very thick. I also love 4 slice one which is super thick. When you toast very thick one, it turns out slightly browned like a typical toast, but the inside is still fluffy. :) 

  By the way, did you notice that most packages of Japanese bread had small stickers on it. Many Japanese bread manufactures and continence stores often offer something free as a limited time promotion. Now, Lawson is giving away a Rilakkuma plate or bowl for free when you've collected 40 stickers. If you often purchase breads, desserts or salad at Lawson in Japan, you can get these easily. :) 

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