Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Photos from Chicago

      Last week, my husband was on his business trip in Chicago for four days. Before he went there, I asked him to send some pictures from Chicago because I've never been to Chicago. Today, I'm going to share the pictures he sent to me from Chicago with you. :) All photos below were taken with his iPhone.

     This was the first picture he sent from Chicago. He told me, "It's Four Season Hotel. They have 4" recessed lighting!" He just installed some recessed lighting in our kitchen several days before going to Chicago. I thought he was talking as if he were a real professional contractor. :) I told him, "The lighting above crown molding is also beautiful!" Since we started renovating our home, we've looked at hotel interior from different perspective.

     Then, he sent another photo. He told me, "I had too much meat in Chicago days in a row. I miss Japanese foods and want to have more vegetable." I wished I could have had the delicious steaks!

     Years ago, he told me that the atmosphere in Chicago looked like Osaka city, in which we used to live for many years, because of busy trains, high rise buildings and city air. When I saw this picture, I thought what he said was true. :)   

     This is Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

     This is the picture of Abraham Lincoln statue in Downtown Chicago.

     These photos were taken around Water Tower Place.

     Someday, I will travel in Chicago! :)  By the way, he purchased a bag of Chicago's famous popcorn for me there, but he ate them up last night. :( I just had only a few bites... 

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