Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Kitchen Lights - Installed 3500k Downlights

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband removed the dated fluorescent lights in our kitchen early this months.

     Last weekend, he removed the drywall ceiling and installed some wooden supporters.

    Yesterday, he installed the drywall and made holes for recessed lighting.

     Tonight, he finally installed these LED down lights in our kitchen!
        We first tried three light colors, 2700k, 3000k and 3500k, for our kitchen, and we finally chose 3500k. :) The 2700k was too warm for a kitchen. The 3000k was not too bad, but since I often take photos in our kitchen to post them on my blog, I thought brighter is better for photos, and 3500k is the best for our kitchen. :) 

       Next time, he will repair the drywall. Then, we will paint the ceiling, but we will paint it later since he will replace other ceiling lights in hallways. We want to paint the kitchen and hallway ceiling together. :)   I am really happy that our kitchen is so bright now because we had to cook there without ceiling lights for two weeks! :)

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