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How to Cook Easy Nabeyaki Udon (with Nabeyaki Udon Set)

      Yesterday, I purchased two pots of nabeyaki udon  (鍋焼きうどん) at a Japanese supermarket. :) As you might know, udon (うどん) is Japanese thick white noodles. Nabe (鍋) means a pot, and yaki (焼き) means grill, fry, bake or cook in Japanese, so nabeyaki udon is Japanese udon noodles cooked and served in a pot.
Nabeyaki Udon (鍋焼きうどん)

      Green one was tempura udon (天ぷらうどん), which is also called tanuki udon (たぬきうどん) in Japan.
Nabeyaki Tempura Udon (鍋焼天ぷらうどん)

     The ingredients of nabeyaki udon were in this disposable aluminum pot. This tempura udon included raw udon noodles, udon soup and a kakiage (かき揚げ), a type of mixed tempura fritter.
Nabeyaki Tempura Udon (鍋焼天ぷらうどん)

      Orange one was kitsune udon (きつねうどん).  
Nabeyaki Kitsune Udon (鍋焼きつねうどん)

     This kitsune udon included raw udon noodles, udon soup and aburaage (油揚げ), a sweetened deep-fried tofu pocket.
Nabeyaki Kitsune Udon (鍋焼きつねうどん)

      Cooking Japanese udon is very easy. It took me only about 5 minutes to make nabeyaki udon. I'm going to share how I cooked nabeyaki udon with you. :)

1. First, place udon noodles in the aluminum pot. 
2. Pour 300cc (about 10 fl oz) of hot water into it.

3. Heat the pot over high heat, and bring to a boil.

4. When the pot boils, add udon soup.

5. drop an egg into the pot.

6. Add aburaage into it.

7. Turn down the heat, and simmer it for 3 minutes.

8. Turn off the heat. Top with chopped green onions. Serve and enjoy. :) 
Nabeyaki Kitsune Udon (鍋焼きつねうどん)
      These were a kind of instant udon noodles but tasted as great as I expected. :) The soup was so delicious. The aburaage was sweet and juicy. Kakiage was rich and crunchy. Frankly, I like udon made from frozen noodles rather than raw noodles, but these ones were pretty good. :)   If you find a set of nabeyaki udon at Japanese supermarket, you should try one. It's very easy and delicious. :) 
Nabeyaki Tempura Udon (鍋焼天ぷらうどん)

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