Thursday, February 16, 2017

Money Magazine - My Favorite Financial Magazine

     I've subscribed to some magazines since last summer. Sunset magazine subscription was from my bank, and others are the magazines I chose on my own. :) 
Eating Well
Better Homes & Gardens
This Old House

      My most favorite magazines is definitely Money magazine. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I read the best selling books written by Robert Kiyosaki such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant last year. Because of those books, I became interested in articles related to finance and decided to subscribe to Money Magazine. Nonetheless, it's pretty hard for me to read up all articles in the magazine because each magazine has a great number of financial information and most of them are new to me. Learning new things is always hard. I usually read some articles before going to bed and share the information with my husband.

     Yesterday, I received this March 2017 issue of Money magazine. It's the 2017 tax filing season, so I should read it up before filing my taxes. :)   
       Anyway, last night, I learned about from this magazine. The reveals information of all your relatives, neighbors, past roommates, current and past accurate addresses and more for free. It's seriously dangerous to show those information in public. However, I am glad that Money magazine taught me that you can remove your information from the website at As soon as I read this article last night, I removed my information from it, and this morning, I confirmed that there is no my information on :)  I thought Money magazine provides me with the best information even though there are a ton of information on Internet. I hope I can improve my financial literacy with my one year Money magazine subscription. :)    

      By the way, I wrote about how I saved money in these my entries below. :)

      My entries related to books I read can be seen here.

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