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Marutai Saga Gyushio Ramen, How to Cook Instant Ramen

Marutai Saga Gyushio Ramen
     This week, my husband finally cooked Marutai Saga Gyushio Ramen (マルタイ 佐賀 牛塩ラーメン) for dinner. :) We had had shio ramen in Japan before, but it was our first time to try gyushio ramen, which is shio ramen with beef based soup. By the way, Gyu (牛) means beef, shio (塩) means salt in Japanese.
Marutai Saga Gyushio Ramen
     The yellow map on this package (photo below) is Kyushu (九州), which is the most southwesterly of four main islands of Japan. The red area on the map is Saga (佐賀), which is a prefecture in the northwest part of the island of Kyushu. Saga is located next to Fukuoka, which is our hometown, so I've visited Saga many times before. You can check out my previous entries, Macchan Mitsuse Farmer's Market in Saga, Japan - The Best Tofu Ever and ZOO, The Best Japanese Hamburger Steak Restaurant in Saga, Japan. Nonetheless, I didn't know that Saga has gyushio ramen!

     When it comes to Japanese noodles such as ramen and yakisoba, my husband always cooks ones. I know that he is really good at cooking Japanese noodles. :) You might think that it's just instant noodles, but cooking instant ramen with perfect firmness of noodles and perfect thickness of soup are not easy for me.

    He always cooks noodles with boiling water first. Try not to over cook. At the same time, he cooks egg with a microwave oven. Put a little water in a small bowl and put fresh egg in it. Then microwave it for seconds. If you over cooked the egg in a microwave oven, you know that it would be exploded in it. Try not to over cook the egg. ;) Then put noodles and egg in a large ramen bowl.

     Then, pour soup over noodles.

     Top it with chopped green onions.

      Add shredded red ginger.

     Add a teaspoon of minced garlic.

      This time, he used this Kirkland Signature Minced California Garlic purchased from Costco for his first time, but we thought fresh garlic is better than this one, which has less garlic aroma.
Kirkland Signature Minced California Garlic

    Finally, add two pieces of nori, which was included in Marutai Saga Ramen. :) 

      As I mentioned above, it was our first time to try gyushio ramen. Actually, it was far beyond our expectations! This is the must-try Japanese instant ramen! The soup was so flavorful! It didn't have too much beef broth taste. It was just right! We've had five of 8 Kinds of Marutai Kyusyu Ramen so far, and I think Marutai Saga Gyushio Ramen became my second favorite ramen! By the way, my most favorite one is Nagasaki Agodashi Ramen for now. :)   
Marutai Saga Gyushio Ramen

     Did you know that each package of Marutai Ramen always has two servings of instant noodles? :)
Marutai Kyusyu Ramen

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