Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tenshinhan - What My Husband Cooked

Somi Shantan Deluxe
      When my husband was on his business trip in Japan, he bought this Somi Shantan Deluxe at Don Quijote in Tokyo. It is popular condiment for Chinese foods in Japan and is similar to Ueipa. The Somi Shantan Deluxe had a recipe booklet on it, and I wanted to try this recipe. :)  
Somi Shantan Deluxe

     Last week, he cooked this tenshinhan (天津飯), which is also called tenshindon (天津丼). Tenshinhan is Japanese crab meat omelet on rice. He used crab stick, imitation crab meat, for this dish. He told me that he wish he had chopped green onion on it, but it was so delicious!

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