Friday, November 4, 2016

The Most Popular Airy Japanese Cheesecake

      Last night, I was reading some articles on Yahoo US before going to bed and found that Japanese cheesecake is currently very popular on Pinterest. The article, Japanese ~air cheesecake~ is all over Pinterest and we want to try it ASAP, says it's "the newest cheesecake trend."
Japanese Cheesecake
       Japanese cheesecake is airy and fluffy and has been one of my favorite Japanese cakes since I was a little. When my grandmother took me to a pastry shop nearby our home in Japan, she asked me which cake I wanted to have, and I often chose cheesecake. It's because it was so delicious and more affordable than other kinds of cake. I remembered that one piece of cheesecake was 180 yen back then. :)

     After reading the article, I shared it with my husband. The article reminded us of cheesecake form Rikuro Ojisan No Mise (りくろーおじさんの店), the most famous cheesecake in Osaka, Japan.
Cheesecake from Rikuro Ojisan No Mise (りくろーおじさんの店のチーズケーキ)
     We used to live in Osaka for many years and loved their cheesecake so much. As I mentioned in my previous entry, their cheesecake is my number one favorite delicious souvenir from Osaka. Indeed, when we visit Osaka, we always purchase some of their cheesecake. Japanese cheesecake is usually so airy, yet I think their cheesecake is the airiest and fluffiest one in Japan. One day, we purchased some of whole cheesecake at Rikuro Ojisan No Mise. The cheesecake was just baked and so fluffy and still warm. We opened the package, and we started eating the cake in our car (We know that we weren't supposed to have it in a car.) We were going to have some bites, but we ended up eating almost the entire cheesecake! We could actually eat a whole cheesecake, but we tried hard to stop it! It's very easy to eat too much because it's not as heavy as typical American cheesecake, and airy Japanese cheesecake melts in your mouth. Yes, it's dangerously delicious!  It was the our funniest and happiest memory in Osaka, but it actually happened more than one time though. :)  Anyway, if you are planning on traveling in Osaka, Japan, you should try their delicious airy cheesecake. They have 11 branches in Osaka now. :)
Rikuro Ojisan No Mise

Rikuro Ojisan No Mise Namba Honten
3-2-28 Namba
Osaka Chuo-ku, Osaka

Open 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

See how fluffy their cheesecake is?

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