Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Aska, A Japanese Pop Singer-Songwriter

     A few days ago, Aska, a Japanese pop singer-songwriter, was arrested for allegedly using illegal stimulant drug. It was very shocking news in Japan. He was first arrested for illegal stimulant drug possession in 2014, and he was suspended for four-year sentence. I hoped that he would recover from drug addiction because he is one of the greatest musicians in Japan. I remembered that I often listened to Yah Yah Yah, one of his hit songs, when I was a child, and many of his songs were used as theme songs for popular Japanese TV drama series.

     I read his blog and knew that he writes songs and lyrics based on his own experiences. Yesterday, I watched this video and realized how beautiful his songs are once again. The lyrics, melody and his voice are amazing. At the same time, I was very sad that we might be losing him.

    As I read through his blog, I thought that the problems that he has are not only drug addiction. He needs to overcome a lot from now. It's not easy and might take years and years, but I really hope that he will get over all difficulty and show us his brilliant music again.


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