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Best Japanese Hair Growth Products from Shiseido

     Whether you are a man or a woman, anti-aging hair care becomes more important to you at some point. I haven't used hair growth products yet, but I am sure I will need those products sooner or later.

     A month ago, I was asked about Japanese hair growth product by my reader through my blog. I tried to find popular hair growth products in Japanese and found that Shiseido makes pretty good products in Japan. Shiseido has developed hair growth products which contain Adenosin, which is a hair grow ingredient. Japanese Ministry of Health has approved Adenosin as an active ingredient and their products are safe to use.

How Does Adenosin Work?
     Adenosin improves blood circulation in your scalp, so hair roots get enough oxygen and can supply nutrients to your entire hair. It extends the active phase of the hair growth, so your hair will be stronger and thicker.

     Shiseido makes two lines of hair growth products such as Shiseido Adenovital and Shiseido Adenogen. I'm going to share best Japanese hair growth products from Shiseido with you.

1. Shiseido Adenovital
Shiseido Adenovital
      Shiseido Adenovital is pretty popular Japanese hair growth brand for women and men in Japan. It is professional line and is used at many professional hair salons in Japan. Even though you cannot find these products at any drugstore in Japan, you can still purchase these at professional hair salons or online.

■Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Essence V
Adenovital Scalp Essence V
     Adenovital Scalp Essence V is hair growth serum for men and women. It has a large number of reviews, and some people reviews that their scalp condition has improved, and it reduces hair loss and their hair is stronger and thicker than before.

・ For men and women
・ Apply the essence on dry or towel dried scalp. Then, massage your scalp with fingers.
・ Use one to two times a day.
Use about 20 pumps for the whole head.

■Shiseido Adenovital Shampoo
Adenovital Shampoo

      Some people review that this shampoo improves their scalp condition and is the best shampoo they have ever used. However, it doesn't work for everyone especially people who have very dry scalp. If you have oily skin, it might work for you.

・For men and women
・Apply it on your wet scalp. Massage your scalp on your fingers, and rise it thoroughly.
・Use daily.

■Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Treatment
Adenovital Scalp Treatment
    Treatment in Japanese means deep conditioner. It also has so many positive reviews, and people review that it improves your scalp condition, and you can get beautiful silky smooth hair.

・For men and women
・Apply it on scalp and entire hair after shampooing. Then, massage your scalp with fingers. Rinse it thoroughly.
・Use daily.

 Shiseido Adenovital Official Website

2. Shiseido Adenogen
Shiseido Adenogen
    Shiseido Adenogen also contains Adenosin.  Shiseido Adenogen can be purchased at drugstores in Japan, so if you are living in Japan or planning on visiting Japan, you can find these products at most drugstores.
     Adenogen was first released from Shiseido in 2005, and they improved the product and named Adenogen EX in 2015. If you are a man, you can choose Adenogen EX. If you are a woman, you can choose Adenogen Gracy.

■Shiseido Adenogen Scalp Care Shampoo
Adenogen Scalp Care Shampoo
      Adenogen has two types of shampoo. You can choose Oily Type or Dry Type based on your scalp condition. Their shampoo has many positive reviews. Some people reviewed that their scalp condition improved, and its citrus scents are pretty good.

 ・For men and women
 ・Apply it on wet scalp and hair, and massages on your scalp with your fingers. Rinse it thoroughly.
 ・Use daily.

■Shiseido Adenogen EX
Adenogen EX
      Adenogen EX is hair growth serum and has also many positive reviews on Amazon Japan. Some people noticed that it reduces hair loss.

・For men
・Apply two to three drops on your scalp, and massage on your scalp with your fingers. (Apply 10 drops in total a time.)
・Use twice a day.
・50ml / 150ml / 300ml

■Shiseido Adenogen Gracy
Adenogen Gracy
     Adenogen Gracy is hair growth serum for women. Some women noticed that their hair has become thicker and stronger.

・For women
・Spray it on your scalp two to three times, and massage on your scalp with your fingers. (Spray 10 times in total at a time.)
・Use twice a day.

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  1. Ringo,

    I have thinning hair and have had hair loss. I have used all sorts of shampoos with not many good results.

    I am a man that has used Sheseido products for my face and like the results but I have read some reviews online about this product about some people getting irritated skin on their scalp.

    Will this product help me.

    Your help is appreciated.