Thursday, November 3, 2016

Starbucks Hack - Trenta Size Cold Brew Iced Coffee without Ice Cubes

     When my husband and I have ordered Starbucks coffee these days, we've used Starbucks App through our smartphone to save our time. You can order your favorite coffee before heading toward Starbucks. It's very convenient that you can customize your order as much as you like. Last week, he told me that there is trenta size iced coffee on Starbucks App. We have already known that some Starbucks serve trenta size, 31 fl oz / 916 ml, coffee, but we had never ordered one before. He told me that we can order cold brewed coffee and enjoy it next morning. Then, he finally got this cold brew coffee at our local Starbucks on his way back home. When I first saw this trenta size coffee, I didn't think it was too big, but I was surprised that there was no ice cube in it. He told me that he could order it without any ice with Starbucks App.       
      I poured the iced coffee into our French Press Coffee Maker in order to pour coffee into cups easily next morning. This French Press is a capacity of 34 oz.  I first thought the coffee amount looked not too big, but when I moved coffee into the French Press, I was surprised that our French Press was full with Starbucks cold brew coffee! Wow, it was really trenta size! He told me that trenta size cold brew coffee is usually around $4. Starbucks coffee is usually pretty expensive for us but this is not too expensive at all. :) Ordering cold brewed coffee without ice cubes might be Starbucks Hack. :)
Bodum Chambord Copper 8oz French Press Coffee Maker

     If you love cold brew coffee, you can make it at home. Cold brew coffee has rich and pure tastes. I uploaded this video, How to Make Cold Brew Coffee, on my YouTube channel last year.

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