Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kaisen Chirashizushi - What My Husband Cooked for dinner

       Last night, my husband bought sashimi grade fresh salmon on his way back to home, and he made this Kaisen Chirashi Bowl for dinner. :)  
      He mixed rice with this gomokuzushi ingredients, Sushi Taro (すし太郎). As I mentioned in my previous entry, Sushi Taro includes mixtures of vinegar, cooked shitake, carrot and etc. It's very convenient to make chirashizushi at home. Then, he topped marinated fresh salmon, cucumbers and thinly shredded Japanese egg omelet over rice.
Sushi Taro, Gomokuzushi Ingredients

      He also cooked tofu miso soup. It had soft tofu, wakame, green onion in it.

     I am always impressed at how fast he can finish cooking and how delicious his dishes are. :)   

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