Sunday, November 13, 2016

His Flight Has been Canceled

     My husband was going to leave from Japan last night, but his flight has been canceled due to the airplane's engine trouble. After waiting for many hours, he eventually had to stay in Tokyo one more night, and he decided to stay at hotel in Haneda Airport. Today, he sent me this photo and told me that he was able to see many airplanes from his hotel room this morning, and airplanes were taking off from runways indeed. I have never stayed at airport hotel, so it looked so fun! I want to stay there some day!   
       His flight was rescheduled today, but again it was canceled due to a lack of parts to fix the airplane. We used to be upset when these things happened, but now we know it cannot be helped. Waiting for long hours and sometimes for several days are very exhausting, but when it happens, we just need to go with a plan B. He eventually moved to Narita Airport with a taxi, and now he is flying to L.A. He should come back tomorrow, and I will need to pick him up at LAX.

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