Thursday, November 10, 2016

LAX - Flying to Japan

    This morning, I gave my husband a ride to LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, because he would fly to Japan for his business trip again. As I mentioned in my previous entry, he just came back from Japan a month ago. When he has a chance to go to Japan, we are always excited about it because it's our home country. :) This will be the last time to go to Japan in this year. He probably go to Japan again a year later though. 

    Highways were pretty slow because of morning rush hour, but we arrived there on time. :)

     A few days ago, I ordered many products on Amazon Japan. My items have already arrived at the closest convenience store from his hotel in Japan. He will pick them up and will bring them to our home in the U.S. :)   This time, he will stay at a very interesting Japanese hotel in Tokyo. I will write about that after he comes back home from Japan.  

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