Friday, May 27, 2016

4 Japanese Candies and Snacks, Official Souvenirs of the G7 2016 Ise-Shima Summit

     Yesterday, I shared  two Japanese beauty products designated as the official souvenirs of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit through my blog. As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, souvenir is one of great parts of Japanese cultures. The G7 leaders and the members of foreign press received over a dozen products as Japanese souvenirs yesterday. Some of Japanese candies and snacks were chosen as the its official souvenirs, so I'm going to share 4 Japanese candies and snacks designated as the official souvenirs of G7 Ise-Shima Sumitt with you.

1. Hi-Chew by Morinaga (森永 ハイチュウ)
Hi-Chew by Morinaga
      Hi-Chew (ハイチュウ) is chewy candies made by Morinaga (森永), which was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1899. They started selling Hi-Chew in 1975 and have sold 131 kinds of Hi-Chew since then. When I lived in Japan, Hi-Chew was one of my favorite candies especially green apple flavor. You can find Hi-Chew everywhere in Japan such as convenience stores and supermarkets. These years, Hi-Chew has been pretty popular outside Japan too. Hi-Chew are sold in 20 countries now. :)

2. Uji Macha Castella by Imuraya (井村屋 宇治抹茶 カステラ)
Uji Macha Sponge Cake by Imuraya
     Imuraya (井村屋) is one of the biggest Japanese confectionery companies and first started making their sweets in Mie Prefecture in Japan in 1896. They have been making some kinds of castella, which is a Japanese sponge cake. They've just released Uji Macha Castella (宇治抹茶カステラ) these days, and it was chosen as the official souvenir of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit. The flour used in Uji Macha Castella was produced in Mie Prefecture, and its macha is from Marusou Uji Macha produced in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture.   

3. Country Ma'am by Fujiya (不二家 カントリーマアム)
Country Ma'am by Fujiya
      Country Ma'am (カントリーマアム) is soft cookies made by Fujiya (不二家), which is one of the biggest Japanese companies and first started selling confectionery products in Yokohama, Japan in 1910. Fujiya released Country Ma'am in 1984. They often make limited edition ones and are selling over 54 kinds of Country Ma'am in Japan now. Some of them are limited to special areas and some of them are released in a limited time. This Gyokuro Macha Country Ma'am, which was chosen as its official souvenir, is only released this spring. If you are in Japan now, you are lucky. You can find ones at supermarkets now. :)  

4. Pocky by Glico (グリコ ポッキー)
Pocky by Glico
      Pocky (ポッキー) is chocolate coated biscuit sticks made by Glico (グリコ), which is also one of famous Japanese confectionery companies. Glico, which is officially called Ezaki Glico (江崎グリコ) now, was established in Oska, Japan in 1921. They started selling Pocky in 1966. They also often make limited edition ones. They are currently selling about 20 kinds of Pocky. Pocky is sold in about 30 countries outside Japan now.

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