Thursday, April 28, 2016

Seiwa - New Japanese Supermarket in Costa Mesa

Seiwa in Costa Mesa
        Last weekend, my husband and I went to Costa Mesa. After shopping at Tokyo Central, we headed toward Seiwa, a new Japanese supermarket, which is located a few minutes drive away from Tokyo Central. They just opened at a former Fresh & Easy store this month. It was my first time to go to Seiwa, and I was pretty impressed at their pricing. Although Seiwa sells pretty limited selection of products compared to other Japanese supermarkets, but they sell Japanese products at very reasonable prices. I thought some of them were as inexpensive as ones in Japan! Actually, I really love this store. :) Today, I'm going to share what they sell with you.

     Ajinomoto Japanese mayonnaise was pretty reasonable! Kewpie mayonnaise is pretty well known by people who love Japanese products in the U.S., but Ajinomoto mayonnaise is actually as popular as Kewpie one in Japan. Indeed, I don't know a difference in taste between Ajinomoto one and Kewpie one. Kewpie is the longest-selling Japanese mayonnaise, and Ajinomoto says that they make mayonnaise from only high quality ingredients.  
Ajinomoto Mayonnaise
     Hello Kitty making okonomiyaki was pictured on the packages. I am not big fan of Hello Kitty, but I couldn't resist buying the adorable mayonnaise. :)
Ajinomoto Mayonnaise
     They were also selling huge jars of Kewpie mayonnaise. 

     I found they were selling okara (おから), which is a by-product from tofu and soy milk production. I just bought the same one at double price at Tokyo Central! I should have bought it here.

      Natto (納豆), one of my favorite food, was also inexpensive!

      They were selling so many products of Japanese sweet bean paste, which is called anko (あんこ) in Japanese.

     KitKat Matcha Green Tea Flavor was also inexpensive!

     There were more of matcha chocolate products!
     As I mentioned in my previous entry, My Top 10 Favorite Japanese Sweets and Snacks, Boubon Alfort is my favorite Japanese chocolate snacks. We bought one because of the price. :)

    Many Japanese chocolate products were on sale there.

     Bourbon Puchi Series were also pretty inexpensive! As I mentioned in my previous entry, Puchi Series by Bourbon - Japanese Sweets and Snacks Haul, these are adorable Japanese sweets and snacks.

       These bears are iconic characters of Puchi Series.

     I heard Myojo Chukazanmai noodles are very popular in Japan. I also mentioned it in my previous entry, Hiyashi Chuka, Japanese Summer Cold Noodles. We bought two of them. :)

    Meiji Karl snacks are also my all-time favorite snacks. These were the lowest price I've ever seen in the U.S.! It's pretty hard to find these snacks at this price even in Japan.

     Chirashi sushi ingredients were also as inexpensive as ones in Japan!

       As I mentioned in my Japanese snack haul entry, when we visit Japan, we always purchase Umaibo snacks because they are always very inexpensive and have so many flavors we can choose from. These sets of Umaibo were also inexpensive, but each pack contained only one flavor. If these had been all different flavors, I would have purchased them.


     Now, Japanese yen currency is pretty low compared to 6 years ago. (That's why more and more tourists have visited Japan in recent years.) I think that's why Seiwa can sell Japanese products at these price ranges. I don't know if they continue to sell these at such a low prices. Because of the prices, I felt like as if I were in Japan actually. I will definitely go back this Japanese supermarket if I have a chance to go to Costa Mesa next time. :)

3151 Harbor Blvd 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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