Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Make Homemade Water-Based Lotion

       Years ago, I used to make homemade water-based lotion weekly to moisturize my face. Most Japanese women apply water-based lotion/toner on their face right before applying creamy lotion, but it's not easy to find right one for me in the U.S. That's why I decided to make it at home. Surprisingly, my homemade lotion worked great, and I loved it. :)) When my husband went on business trip to Japan, I asked him to get  Muji moisturizing lotion for me, and I'm still using Muji one now. Once I use up Muji one, I would like to use homemade lotion for my face again. :)

       Anyway, a few days ago, I made my homemade water-based lotion to moisturize my husband skin. Because he has very sensitive skin, he always applys Aveeno lotion or Nevea cream on entire his body right after taking shower. These products were really great and moisturize his skin very well. However, these days, he has felt dryness of his skin and had itching. It's probably because of dry and cold weather. I told him that he probably should apply water-based lotion before applying the cream. He used my homemade one, and his dryness and itchiness have been gone. :))  Today, I decided to share how to make my homemade water-based lotion with you.
Homemade Water-Based Lotion

How to Make Homemade Water-Based Lotion for Face & Body

■What You'll Need
a small bottle container 
50 cc of purified water   
1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin
1-2 drops of hyaluronic acid serum (optional)

1. Make sure your container is very clean. (Use alcohol to sanitize it)  

2. Put water, glycerin and hyaluronic aicd serum into the container.

3. Shake it, and apply it on your skin.

4. Keep it in a refrigerator and use it up within 1 to 2 weeks.

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