Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Best Japanese Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin - Nivea and Biore

       My husband didn't use to wear sunscreen because he has very sensitive skin. Most commercial shampoo and soap break out on his skin. That's why he needs to be very careful when it comes to skin care products. He used to believe that men didn't need sunscreens, and those products would irritate his sensitive skin. I told him that strong UV rays in California damages his skins everyday, so in order to protect your skin against cancer-causing damage is wearing sunscreen daily. I recommend him to use this Japanese sunscreen, Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 33. It's very gentle to the skin and very lightweight. His ultrasensitive skin has no problem with this Nivea one. :))
Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 33

        It took a time for him to get used to applying sunscreen every morning, but one day he told me that his Nivea sunscreen would run out soon, and he needed to get new one. He really loves Nivea sunscreen, and it ended up being essential for him. :)

         This time, he found another Japanese sunscreen, Biore Sarasara UV Mild Care Milk SPF 30. This sunscreen was specially made for small children who have very sensitive skin. :) 
Biore Sarasara UV Mild Care Milk SPF 30
      When he was choosing sunscreen online, I recommended him to choose SPF 30 because it's more gentle than SPF 50. SPF 30 sunscreen is effective enough for daily use.

      What he liked this Biore Sarasara UV Mild Care Milk is that it contains 120ml while Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel contains 80g. :)  Biore one is also very lightweight just like Nivea one. These two Japanese sunscreens are the best for people who have very sensitive skins. :))

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