Thursday, November 26, 2015

Maesri Curry Paste - Very Spicy Authentic Thai Curry

      Tonight, my husband and I had Thai curry made of Red and Yellow Maesri Curry Pastes for dinner. These cans of curry paste were recommendations of one of his coworkers. :)

     In addition to this Maesri Red Curry Paste, we added coconut milk, some meat, eggplants, carrots and peas. It turned out very hot curry and tasted authentic Thai curry. :)

Red Curry

     We also cooked the yellow curry. We cooked meat, vegetables, water and this Maesri Yellow Curry Paste in a pot. This yellow curry was super spicy! Only if you truly love very spicy foods, I recommend this curry to you. I used to think I love spicy foods, but this was way too hot for me. I was only able to eat one tablespoon of it! I hope it will be less spice next day.

Yellow Curry

     If you would like to try making Thai curry at home, you should check out these authentic Maesri Thai Curry Pastes. These were pretty affordable and easy to cook. :)

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