Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cheap Casio - Popular Inexpensive Casio Watches

     I read some Japanese articles that Casio wrist watches have been getting popular in Japan. Casio is one of the biggest electronic manufacturer companies in Japan and was established in Tokyo in 1946. They make calculators, cameras, watches and so on. You probably know G-Shock, which is one of the most famous Casio watches and was first made in 1983. While Casio G-Shock series are pretty expensive and those price ranges are about $100 to $7,000, there are also very inexpensive Casio watches, which people in Japan call "Cheap Casio(チープカシオ)" or "Chipu-kashi(チプカシ)." As these are called, they are incredibly inexpensive(about $10!), however, these are not cheaply made. Well, these might look cheap, but watch itself is well made by Casio. They are durable and accurate, and they have many designs to choose from. Many Japanese people have taken and uploaded photos of their Cheap Cashio on Instagram. Check the Cheap Casio look at #チープカシオ or #チプカシ on Instagram.  After looking through many the Instagram photos, I thought Cheap Casio watches are pretty cool! :) Today, I'm going to share with you most popular Cheap Casio watches in Japan. They are usually sold at discount stores or hardware stores in Japan, but now it's getting hard to find them there because of popularity. You can also find Cheap Casio watches on Amazon US too. 

     This is the most popular Cheap Casio for both men and women in Japan. This has also many positive reviews on Amazon US too.


     After that, I finally bought Casio watch for myself! I wrote about it my another entry. :)

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